Carbon Black(N121,N219,N220,N234,N326,N330,N339,N375,N550,N660)

Carbon Black(N121,N219,N220,N234,N326,N330,N339,N375,N550,N660)

1) Appearance: Amorphous black solid
2) Odor: None
3) pH value: 6 ~ 8
4) Boiling point: 4, 200degrees
5) Vapor pressure: Not applicable
6) Solubility in water: Not applicable
7) Specific gravity: 1.7 ~ 2.1
8) Viscosity: Not applicable
9) Applications: Raw materials of tire, rubber and paint industry

25kg/knitted bag with top grade liner film and good waterproof property
Put away from water and solarization

Carbon Black
Another name Carbon nanotubes
Molecular formular: C
Molecular weight: 12.01

EINECS NO. 215-609-9
Materialization properties: Water soluble Insoluble
Use: Used mainly in trades such as the rubber, paint, printing ink, etc.

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Carbon Black N121,N219,N220,N234,N326,N330,N339,N375,N550,N660,N762,N774,N990

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Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: DMCM

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