Sodium Hydrosulphite (SHS-85%, SHS-88%, SHS-90%)

Sodium Hydrosulphite (SHS-85%, SHS-88%, SHS-90%)

Chemical Name: Sodium Hydrosulfite
Synonym: Sodium Dithionite
Commercial Name: Vat Powder
Commodity Name: Hydros
Molecular Formula: Na2S2O4
Molecular Weight: 174.13
Specific Gravity: 2.36(real); 1.1(bulk)
Temperature of Explosion: 190centigrade
Autogenous Ignition Temperature: 250centigrade
Solubility: 21.8%(20centigrade)

Physical Properties:
Rhombic white crystalline, readily soluble in water, very slightly soluble in alcohol.

Chemical properies:
Showing a powerful reduction behaviour, it will be oxidized into sodium bisulfite and sodium bisulfate on ecposure to air. To comtact water, it de composes, releases SO2 amd a great quantity of heat are set free. Therefore, it is easy to inflame on contacting water. It is unstable in water solution. With the hydrolization occurring the nascent hydrogen is generated. Generally, it is more stable in alkaline medium than neutral medium. To be moistende it decomposes, heats, so inflammation is easy to being cause. On heating beyond 75centigrade, it decomposes intensely. It inflames spontaneously at 250centigrade. A certain amount of stabilizing agent is added to the finished product, because of its umsteadiness.

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: DMCM

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