Chrome Pigment (Chromium Oxide Green/Chrome Oxide Green)

Chrome Pigment (Chromium Oxide Green/Chrome Oxide Green)

Chrome Oxide Green/Chromium Oxide Green
Molecular weight: 151.99
CAS No.: 1308-38-9
Color index: pigment green 17
Melt Point: 2435C
Boiling point: 300C
Specific gravity: 5.21 g/ml.

Character: Green powder with strong coloring strength and covering strength.
Usage: Pigmentpaintglassbuilding ceramic colorantsprinting-inkchrome platingchromium metal productionfire-proof materialsetc.

Package: In  bags of 25kg net each.
According to different use of chrome oxide green and the different technical production, Our chrome oxide green has already formed the series product grade.

Chrome oxide green pigment grade
Items                   GN           GM           GX
Cr2O3 %                 98.0         99.0         70.0
Moisture %              0.3          0.2          0.5
Water soluble matter%   0.3          0.3          0.8
PH Value                6~8          5~8
Oil absorption g/100g   15-20        15-25        18-25
Hexavanlent Chrome      5-10ppm      5-8ppm       10ppm
Tint                    E?????????.60      E?????????.60      E?????????.60
Coloring Strength       As Standard  As Standard  As Standard
Residue(25um)%          0.1          0.1          0.1

Chrome oxide green abrasive grade
Cr2O3 %                   99.0
Moisture%                 0.20
Water soluble matter%     0.2
L.O.I 750 0C%             0.2
PH Value                  6-8
Residue(25um)%            0.1

Chrome oxide green ceramics grade
Item                  Ceramics Grade A     Ceramics Grade B
Cr2O3 %                   99.0              99.0
Moisture%                 0.20              0.10
Water soluble matter%     0.2               0.2
To Calcine Temperature    1000C             1200C
Residue(25um)%            0.2               0.2

We have the following chrome pigment products:

Lemon chrome yellow
Lemon chrome yellow t
Lemon chrome yellow p
Light chrome yellow
Medium chrome yellow
Medium chrome yellow t
Medium chrome yellow p
Deep chrome yellow
Zinc chrome yellow

Orange yellow
Orange chrome yellow

Chromium oxide green

Molybdate red

Molybdate orange

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